Accessibility links skip to content skip to local navigation accessibility help bbc. Co. generic viagra free shipping Uk navigation news sport weather travel future tv radio more… search term: uk home us & canada latin america uk africa asia europe mid-east business health sci/environment tech entertainment video england northern ireland scotland wales uk politics education 12 march 2012 last updated at 12:41 et share this page delicious digg facebook reddit stumbleupon twitter email print 'locked-in syndrome' man to have right-to-die case heard   please turn on javascript. cheap generic viagra Media requires javascript to play. Tony nicklinson: 'it is no longer acceptable for 21st century medicine to be governed by 20th century attitudes' continue reading the main story related stories fighting to redefine 'mercy killings' paralysed man wants right to die how do people cope with 'locked-in' syndrome? A paralysed man who wants a doctor to be able to lawfully end his life can proceed with his "right-to-die" case, a high court judge has ruled. buy generic viagra online australia Tony nicklinson, 58, from melksham, wiltshire, has "locked-in syndrome" following a stroke in 2005 and is unable to carry out his own suicide. viagra online without prescription He is seeking legal protection for any doctor who helps him end his life. The ministry of justice argues making such a ruling would authorise murder and change the law governing it. buy viagra uk quick delivery "locked-in syndrome" leaves people with paralysed bodies but fully-functioning minds. The judge's ruling now means that mr nicklinson's case will go to a full hearing, where medical evidence can be heard. headquarters for viagra Following the judge's ruling that his case can proceed, mr nicklinson's wife jane read out a statement from her husband on bbc 5live. viagra coupon It said: "i'm delighted that the issues surrounding assisted dying are to be aired in court. headquarters for viagra Politicians and others can hardly complain with the courts providing the forum for debate if the politicians continue to ignore one of the most important topics facing our society today. "it's no longer acceptable for 21st century medicine to be governed by 20th century attitudes to death. headquarters for viagra " 'stressful' wait mr nicklinson, who communicates through the use of an electronic board or special computer, said before the ruling that his life was "dull, miserable, demeaning, undi. buy viagra cheap viagra canada